Advisor Insights: Career Paths

Jay Van Beusekom - Milwaukee, WI
Mutual of Omaha wants to see you succeed.

Dave Hutt - Troy, IL
Company provides a high level of support.

Matt Crane - Marlton, NJ
Internship showed positive impact advisors can have on clients.

Eric Yergan - Parsippany, NJ
The value of working with people.

Established career path guides your way

With Mutual of Omaha, you’ll have a clear career path and the training and support you need to be successful.

Early in your development toward becoming an insurance-based financial advisor, your manager will assist with client appointments. You’ll have continued support and the tools you need to help you build a solid business, achieve sales success, and advance along your career path.

As you progress in your training, your manager will help evaluate whether a field leadership role might be appropriate for you. And in that case, you could choose to take advantage of development opportunities in field management.

Establish yourself as your clients’ trusted advisor

Follow the career path to become a Mutual of Omaha Financial Advisor, and you’ll have the expertise and the tools to establish yourself as one of your clients’ most trusted advisors.

Our well-established career path toward becoming a value-added, insurance-based financial advisor helps you build long-lasting relationships, establishes you as the main resources for all of your clients’ financial needs, and positions you for important client referrals.

Hear about the value of being a financial advisor.

Chris Casey - Bloomington MN
An advocate for clients.

Scott Schemmel - Sioux Falls SD
This isn't work . . . use knowledge, experience to give financial advice.

Jay Van Beusekom - Germantown WI
Excellent resource for clients; confidence, compensation for advisor.

Training and education

We offer top-notch training and education to help you learn what you need to know to serve your clients well. You’ll learn and grow with a variety of activities, including the opportunity to participate in agency/unit meetings, planning meetings, home office and online training, and self-study.

Our thorough training includes support related to skill building and sales calls, computer software and technology, industry designations, products, prospecting, marketing planning, underwriting, and managing your business.

You’ll understand the industry, learn to evaluate clients’ needs, and know how products address those needs. We’ll help you gain the confidence and knowledge to expand your business.

Marketing and professional image

We support your marketing efforts in many ways, including:

  • A broad product portfolio to meet varying needs of individuals, families, and small business owners
  • Turn-key programs to simplify your marketing and prospecting efforts
  • Proven sales methodology, including powerful needs analysis and presentation software
  • Comprehensive agent Web site, with convenient access key information, tools and materials

Our advanced markets team can help you with more complex cases related to retirement and distribution planning, business planning, and estate planning. Count on them for:

  • One-on-one case consultations
  • Client conference calls
  • Teleconferences
  • Distance learning workshops
  • Technical research
  • Illustrations

Mutual of Omaha offers insurance plans to hundreds of associations with a combined membership of about six million. This level of prospecting support for agents is unique in the insurance industry. Historically, associations in our focus markets demonstrate low membership turnover, low loss ratios and high persistency — and substantial business potential.

Your local managers are dedicated to your success

Your local management team will provide the guidance and support you need to understand the industry, transition to a commission-based income, and to succeed. Many managers started out as advisors and they know the challenges and the rewards of the career.

Hear what some Mutual of Omaha managers say about the career.

Greg Garner - Atlanta, GA
Opportunities for recent college graduates; managers’ pride in advisors’ success.

Susana Krieger - San Diego, CA
There’s a lot of support for professional growth as advisors and field leaders.

Derek Dahl - Milwaukee, WI
Benefits and rewards of the career.

Titus Ekeoma - Marlton, NJ
What it takes to succeed.

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