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Do You Have What It Takes to be a Financial Advisor?

Here are some qualities we look for in a financial advisor:


You thrive being the one to break new ground.


You have the power to connect with people and build relationships.


You always have the motivation and drive to pursue your goals.


You’re ready to brave the challenges of owning a business.


You understand the importance of putting clients first.


Obtaining your state insurance license involves a lot of study and preparation, but you’re not alone. Our team has a solid history of helping future advisors successfully prepare for the test by providing various study materials, testing tips and a rigorous study schedule.

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Training is an important part of your evolution as a financial advisor. At Mutual of Omaha, we have the tools and resources to put you on a clearly defined path to become an insurance-based financial advisor.

From helping you identify your target market, to showing you how to launch and grow your practice, we’ll be there to provide the guidance and support you need to succeed.

Selection Process

Our interview process is designed to help you:

  • Better understand what it takes to be a financial advisor
  • Evaluate your skills and level of commitment
  • Identify your target market
  • Teach you how to build a solid network of referrals
  • Assure your vision and values align with those of the company

Being a financial advisor takes motivation, perseverance and a passion for helping others. Is this career a good fit for you?

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